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    Publishing to server - Excel data on a network drive

    Jack May

      Since we've upgraded our Tableau server to version 10.1.1, live connections to Excel data sources on the network drive aren't reflecting changes made to the excel network file. IIRC, in 9.3, we could publish workbooks with connections to networked excel files, and changes to the excel file would cascade to the Viz.

      I checked what I thought was necessary to make this work:

      • Excel files are on one of the network directories that the Tableau RunAs user can access,
      • We connect to the network excel files using the fully qualified path (UNC),
      • We uncheck "Include external files" when we publish

      Datasources default to "Embed in Workbook", which I don't think I saw in 9.3, We've tried leaving them embedded or publishing them separately, neither fixes the problem


      Is this a new "feature" of 9.3? Why do I have to either "embed" a datasource or "publish separately", is there no option to leave the data source as it is? How can I publish a dashboard and keep it's connection to the excel sheet live?




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          Madhusudhan Khambham

          HI Jack May


          No, In 9.3.1 version you don't have an option to embed the excel datasource that we saved it in the shared drive. When i am trying to publish the workbook by unchecking the "Include external files" when we publish

          i got the below warning message.



          We do have an option to publish the excel datsource (Live connection) to server .



          While publishing again when we uncheck "Include external files" we saw the below warning.






          So, What i say is we have to include the external files or else we need to make sure that we gave the necessary access for the users whoever uses this datasource and its  workbooks.



          Madhu K

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            Jack May

            Thanks Madhu,

            If I publish the excel source to the server, a viz built from that source won't reflect ongoing changes to the excel spreadsheet. Are you saying that all users of the viz need access to the excel spreadsheet? I thought that we could make the viz dynamic on the server by giving the run-as user permissions to the source.