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    YTD vs YAG YTD and versus 2 YAG full year

    mark schukas

      to compare YTD vs YAG, I'm using:


      if [Date] <= TODAY() and [Date] <= DATEADD('year',-1,today())

      then ([Records])



      now, I've been asked to: add an additional column of 2 YAG "full" year.


      how should I adjust the calculation?




      thank you.

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          Peter Galimutti

          H Mark,How do you define YAG and 2 YAG "full" year.?

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            Jamieson Christian



            I assume "YAG" is short for "Years Ago"?


            The formula you presented doesn't really make sense to me. It looks like you're checking to see if the date is earlier than today and is earlier than this day a year ago. Well, the latter implies the former, so your formula amounts to:


            IF [Date] <= DATEADD('year',-1,TODAY())
            THEN [Records]


            If you're trying to do some sort of year-over-year comparison, that won't really get what you need.


            Here are some useful functions to isolate segments of your data:


            Year-to-date Current Year

            IF [Date] <= TODAY() AND DATEDIFF('year',[Date],TODAY()) = 0
            THEN [Records]


            Year-to-date Prior Year

            IF [Date] <= DATEADD('year',-1,TODAY()) AND DATEDIFF('year',[Date],TODAY()) = 1
            THEN [Records]


            2 Years Ago Full Year

            IF DATEDIFF('year',[Date],TODAY()) = 2
            THEN [Records]



            Hope this helps.