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    Tableau double axis


      Hi, I have some data in the attached excel file

      the excel file also has a graph

      is there any way I can generate the graph in tableau??

      I have tried many times but failed

      if it is doable, can you please walk me through the steps?



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Ahmad,


          You can do similar thing, but this is well-known one of discouraging part of Tableau at first touch.

          It's not designed to create multiple Bar + Multiple Line and we need to go around long way.



          The workaround is quite troublesome, please be patient to follow the instructions.


          Anyway first of all, you need to start pivoting data.


          From edit data source.



          Specify Total and Fail



          if left([Pivot field names],5)="Total" then "Total" else "Fail" end



          Then Create two measures


          [Total Value]

          if [Category] ="Total" then [Pivot field values] end



          [Fail Value]

          if [Category] ="Fail" then [Pivot field values] end



          This is the most troublesome part.


          [Date Header]

          if [Category]="Total" and [ID]="J" then [Month-Year]-10

          elseif [Category]="Total" and [ID]="X" then [Month-Year]-5

          elseif[Category]="Total" and [ID]="Y" then [Month-Year]

          elseif [Category]="Total" and [ID]="Z" then [Month-Year]+5

          else [Month-Year] end



          Then create dual axis chart.




          Than's all.