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    Calculate Direct and Indirect Reports

    Ryan Davis

      I've scoured this forum for an answer, and have had no such luck.  What I'm looking for is a list of direct and indirect reports, based off the manager ID.  My data set is simple, person # and manager #.  What I want to see is how many direct reports and indirect reports an employee has.  For example, lets say I have 5 direct reports...and one of those direct reports manages a single employee.  My direct reports would be 5 and my indirect report would be 1.  So my total span would be 6 (5+1).  For whatever reason when I try and do this through a calc my directs+indirects number is usually double our total org size.  So there's something I'm not doing right.


      I'm on Tableau 10.1.  And the data attached is showing every employee number and the employee number of whom they roll up to.