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    Monthly Average of Aggregated Calculation

    Raymund B Prieto

      I have this workbook and I am trying to calculate DAU/MAU Ratio. It is just based on the number of days a particular user logged in the systems divided by 30 days.  However I wanted to get the Average for all users for every month. I am able to calculate it on a per user basis but my goal is to create a Monthly Bar Chart that is already the average of all the users login / 30 days.


      On my attached workbook what I really wanted to arrive to be able to create the bar chart is to aggregate the average at monthly level.


      Oct 2016 -   16.5%   (which is the average of  (20% and 13.3%)

      Nov 2016     13.3%  ( which is the average of (10% and 16.6%)


      Appreciate any help.