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    Tableau as a company

    William DeMoville

      When we first started with Tableau, about two years ago, it was an amazing product and an amazing company. It was an example of what I would call stellar customer service from start to end, from our sales-rep down to customer support.  Support addressed every issue we had or turned it into a feature request on our behalf. Every person we dealt with was friendly, eager to help, focused, and knowledgeable.  Even when they lacked the necessary knowledge they seemed to know exactly who to ask to get it.  It is no surprise that Tableau saw such phenomenal growth.


      Lately though…. In the last year, our impression has been very different.  Our sales rep seems to be a revolving door with a new person in the position every few months.  It seems that as soon as we have had the initial few meetings to cover this is our business and this is how we use Tableau, we get a new rep.  The new reps also do not seem to have the same level of training, which has led to issues with Tableau oversharing things like access to our product keys.


      Support seems to have suffered as well.  Until this year, we had never had a support representative give us troubleshooting steps for the wrong ticket or for the wrong customer.  We had never had to send five e-mails just to get a problem explained. We had never seen 72 hours go by after opening a ticket before we got an initial response.


      We still feel like Tableau is an amazing product, but we would not continue to call the company an example of stellar customer service.  It has shifted into average customer support you would expect out of a major international company.  We are curious if that is the experience of other Tableau customers or if we have just had a run of bad luck over the last year?

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi William,


          I'm sorry to hear you haven't been having a good experience recently, but we do appreciate you bringing it up. Customer service is something that we do take seriously, and we believe in making the customer happy. I'm sharing this feedback internally with the necessary teams so that we can evaluate our processes and work towards making changes to address your concerns.


          Thanks again for raising this.



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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi William,


            From past experience I can say that Tracy will certainly make your email heard in the organization. I figured I'd respond so you'd hear from at least one fellow Tableau customer and hopefully bump this so others read and respond.


            Like you I've experienced the revolving door of sales reps, I've had about 1 a year and have had the same "getting to know you discussion" pretty much every time. My Tableau deployments have been small (currently I'm a consultant so it's a single Desktop license) so I haven't had too much attention. Once nice thing I can say is the good ones have all gotten promoted, so Tableau is recognizing good people!


            As for the quallity/responsiveness of Tableau tech support my experience has been cyclic, some time periods are better than others, plus there's been my own learning of how to craft a support request that goes through the first layer of support as quickly as possible to get to the right queue (since my questions are often fairly technical they end up going past the first layer of support). I will say that for tech support I tend to lean on the Tableau forums and my social network in the Tableau community more than Tableau tech support because I tend to get more comprehensive responses. I don't have enough experience lately to give you a good impression of the current support quality/throughput, I can say for sure that Tableau support staff are always listening and trying to improve our experience.



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              Steven Levy


              I saw your post and am sorry to hear your support experience has not been as good as it could be. Hopefully we can regain some of your trust with a successful resolution on the case you have open. I am working on solving some of the delays that are happening in support in a general sense, but for now know that we think we have some good next steps to narrow in on your particular issue. Nathan from the support team is filling in for Moe who is out today. He will be reaching out to you shortly to move this forward.


              Director of Americas support

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                Shawn Wallwork

                Well stated. Sorry for your experience.

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                  William DeMoville

                  I have to commend Tableau's management team and customer service!  Since posting this a number of people at Tableau have reached out to us to discuss our situation and perceptions, including several members of senior management.  In particular I'd like to thank Senior VP Nigel Stoodely from Customer Relations who spent a fair amount of time alleviating many of our concerns.  He corrected bad perceptions we had based off bad information, and shared plans for the future that will address these sorts of issues as well as vowing to look into those things he didn't have an immediate answer to.  We still haven't finished meeting with everyone who wants to meet with us and look forward to future exchanges with Tableau.


                  It's clear to us that Tableau cares very much about customer service and perception.  Tableau is still growing by leaps and bounds, and there is some pain associated with any company that grows that quickly.  They seem to be doing a lot behind the scenes to address those pain points for their customers.  We aren't completely without fault, we have some work to do in better crafting our support tickets, and we should have voiced our concerns much earlier, particularly when given information that just seemed wrong if compared to messaging received via their website or Tableau Conferences.