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    Chrome v56

    William DeMoville

      Has anyone had any issues with Chrome v56 and Tableau on-premises?  We have a number of internal customers who are embedding their visualizations in their web pages. About half of our embedded visualizations started failing in Chrome v56, though they work in earlier versions of Chrome.  The spinner just spins endlessly and the visualization never displays.  You can view the visualizations just fine in Chrome v56 if you go directly to the Tableau portal but they do not display when embedded regardless of whether they are embedded in an IFrame or via JavaScript.  They work in other browsers (IE, FireFox, etc) so I do not think it is a network or authentication issue.  The chrome browser-debugging console is devoid of errors as is the Tableau Server log.  Support is working with us on the issue, but so far, it is stumping everyone.  Was just wondering if anyone else had any issues with the latest Chrome release?

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          Hi William DeMoville,


          I can see that you are currently in discussion with our team via the ticket #02683306.

          If you are willing to, please let the community knows about the solution!





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            William DeMoville



            One of the three was fixed by upgrading our server version to 10.1.4 (it was the latest at the time we did it).


            The other two were fixed by adding style='display:none;' on the tableauViz object where height and width are set.  This is provided in the share button off the portal but was omitted when it was embedded in the web page. Starting in Chrome v56, omission of that style results in an endless spinner, and is likely by design with the enforcement of more standards in Chrome v56.


            On one of the vizes the problem was somewhat obscured by the fact that it was being embedded by the Tableau JavaScript API and was dynamically being resized based on browser size and other elements on the screen via calls to JQuery.  You could comment out the JQuery resize calls and get the viz to load.  We converted those resize calls to the Tableau JavaScript API setFrameSize but it still spun endlessly until the style tags were added.


            At this point all of our embedded visualizations are working again in all browsers.  Noah from technical support did an excellent job in identifying the problem and getting a resolution in place!