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    Troubleshooting Workbook Performance - Tableau App on iPad

    Patrick Turner



      I support a team of 300+ sales reps who are viewing reports on our Tableau server via a VPN on a corporate iPad running the Tableau app. Responsiveness on our reports is highly variable with response times from 10 sec to 30+ seconds on the same report, data, filters etc. We have already taken the usual steps of optimizing the workbooks, increasing server memory, etc. With all of the variables involved in connecting & viewing the reports it is a very hairy troubleshooting puzzle.


      My question: Is there a way to pull a log or other analysis from the User side in the moment that will give us a complete overview of that session so we can better track down the root cause of these performance issues?


      The scenario I envision is a User is experiencing slowness issues, they have been trained in advance on how to pull a "log" so they pull this "log file" and email it to Support. We get a file that shows the complete status of the application, connection and iPad at that moment so we can dig in and find were the problems are.


      Any ideas? Maybe this isn't the best way so even if this scenario doesn't work how would you guys solve it?