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    Current and Next Release Dates

    Vee Gees



      Not sure about the best way to implement this, so would greatly appreciate any & all help & opinions on how to implement the below (am on Tableau v10.0.1).


      Excel spreadsheet consists of 3 worksheets.


      1. Summary - All data.
      2. CurrRelDt - 1 row. Column Header: CurrRelDt. String value: Current Release (03/10/17).
      3. NextRelDt - 1 row. Column Header: NextRelDt. String value: Next Release (04/07/17).


      Is there anyway I can compare ->

      1. The CurrRelDt field from Sheet 2 to the Current Release Date field in Sheet 1 (Summary).
      2. The NextRelDt field from Sheet 3 to the Next Release Date field in Sheet 1 (Summary).


      And would it be possible to create a dynamic filter which will automatically update to show the following:
      1. Current Release (03/10/17)
      2. Next Release (04/07/17)
      3. All


      Would like this to dynamically update over the year to reflect future release dates, as the data is refreshed (without manually publishing the dashboard repeatedly).


      Thanks in advance.