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    Market Basket Analysis Help!

    Rohin Sharma

      I need to be able to show products that are often purchased together based on a customer's orders.

      For example : customers who placed an order for x also purchased y,z, etc. (I'm not sure if it is only limited to an 2 product/category comparison, or if it can be taken out to a maximum 4 product purchased comparison ?)


      Ive searched the net and youtube for tutorials and guides on how to accomplish this but I have not been able to replicate with success or ease.

      This also includes the basket market analysis that I see frequently linked to here :


      Tableau Recording Market Basket Analysis in Tableau - YouTube

      How to create a market basket analysis in Tableau - Quickvids - YouTube


      I will also mention that I tried to blend the template from the superstore sample dataset with my own but that hasn't worked either.


      Essentially from my data set, The key identifiers here would be the [invoice number] as that is my order, [sku numbers] as that tells me the product as well as [retail] for dollar amount finally the [department] which acts as my category of products.


      I would appreciate any help to create a market basket report

      Please keep in mind I'm not a programmer or data scientist by any stretch of the imagination but I have become more comfortable creating dashboards over 1 yr.


      Below is some of the raw data to show what I mean.