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    Tableau Server Connection/Update Issues

    Eszter Kovacs


      We are using Cloudera connection with Tableau 10.0.2. Plus our analysts can create summary tables with Alteryx which serves as an intermediate layer between our star schema and Tableau (as interim measure).

      We try to avoid creating summary "tables" with Tableau Desktop as New Custom SQL as for better performance we need to create an extract which then needs to be scheduled and this overloads our scheduler in our daily processes. (Also you can not count distinct more then once on same sheet with a direct connection only from an extract).

      Hence I have built a summary table which is created by Alteryx and this same project also creates a Tableau Extract.

      The problem is that if I use my table in direct connection (without extract) then it works on Tableau Desktop but once it is published it gives error on Tableau Server that the table does not exist (some kind of link/connection error). So when I use the Tableau Extract (created by Alteryx) I do not get an error however even though my extract updates with the data each day my direct connection does not pick up the update unless I manually go into the Desktop version -> update and then republish. So again it is not a usable solution.


      We do not want to publish neither the table nor the Tableau extract to the server separately, as we have more sites I have to repeat this task for each and because of their size this is just not manageable and I am quite sure there should be a better practice than this.


      Any of you could shed some light on:

      - problem A

      "[Cloudera][ODBC] (10000) General error: Unexpected exception has been caught.

      The table "[database].[daily_paymentsummary]" does not exist."

      - problem B

      The Published Report does not pick up updates from Tableau Extract file created by Alteryx


      /I don't think I can attach any file which would replicate the problem/


      Thank you in advance,