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    Adding filters together?

    Marc Buckingham

      Hello  - first post.... I am looking for a way to add filters together and want to pointed in a direction?


      I want my results to only show those with a  "compliment".  There are two types of compliment A and B -  In the end there should be 4 records.


      I can filter out the entries where compliments aren't received ( null values ) of a single column fine, but when I put them together it gives the wrong result.


      I suspect I need to write some sort of formula? In the condition? From what I have read it MIGHT be something like this?


      IF CONTAINS([Compliment  a],NOT NULL()) OR CONTAINS([Compliment b],NOT NULL)

      THEN 'Filter'

      ELSE 'Show'



      Can anyone get me started? ( or finished )