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    Ask us anything! (about the Tableau Server Client :D)

    Ben Lower

      Greetings! I'm Ben Lower and I am the product manager for Tableau's APIs. My team and I would like to engage in a conversation with you about the Tableau Server Client (TSC).

      TSC is a client library that makes it dead simple (and downright pleasurable if I do say so myself) to work with the Tableau REST API. You can learn more about TSC at its home on GitHub (Tableau Server Client Library (Python)).


      We'd love to have your questions here on this thread (we will be checking it for the next week) and then we will be doing a LIVE "office hours" next week about TSC. So please use this thread to ask questions and/or plan to join us next week starting at 9:00am PST on Thursday, February 23rd where we'll talk about TSC and take more questions. We will do a short presentation on how to use TSC and will talk about the future evolution too.


      To register go here:  Dev Office Hours: Tableau Server Client | Tableau Software


      So with that – I’m opening it up to you – ask away!




      If you missed the session today, watch it here: https://youtu.be/dgx075nzyH4