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    Weeks Out Across Event Years

    David Raimist

      I have figured out how to calculate weeks out from an event date . For example:


      DATEDIFF('week', [Reg Date and Time], #2016-05-02#, 'sunday')

      DATEDIFF('week', [Reg Date and Time], #2017-05-08#, 'sunday')


      I have this working. My question is how to "sync" the weeks out across these two event years? I have used the join to join two .csv files, each of which contatin the registration date. How can I "align" weeks out so that I can show a YoY comparison for the same number of weeks out. As you see below, there are two issues. 1) the weeks out keeps calculating for the previous years event so I get negative numbers (past the event date for 2016) and 2) they are not aligned so that I can have the same weeks out in the same column. Then (haha) I need to figure out how to show the comparison.


      Any help is appreciated.