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    Generating images of published Tableau views (after applying filters)

    Cristian Tachouet

      Hi Everybody!


      I'm currently working with a number of dashboards, which are published in Tableau Server, and I've been trying to generate images from single views from them. After searching online I found the following url template:




      This indeed generates an image from the desired view, but after changing any filter value and trying to generate a different image, all I get is the same image without changes.


      Is it possible (for a generated image with this method) to use filter selections, or should I try a different approach?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Cristian,


          I think you need to create/save custom view first.





          Use Custom Views


          OpenSave custom views

          When you interact with a view, you have the option to save any changes you've made to the view (sorting, filtering) as a custom view.

          If you make a change to the original view, the Original View menu in the toolbar indicates the view has changed with an asterisk. You can access custom views by clicking the Original View menu, or by clicking the name of the custom view in the same menu location.

          Custom views are always associated with the original view. As the original view is updated or republished, customized versions of the view are also updated.

          • If the original view is deleted from the server, its associated custom views are also deleted.
          • If filters are removed from the original view and it’s republished, the filters will be unavailable in customized versions of the view.
          • If filters are restored and the view is republished, customized versions of the view include the restored filters.

          To save a custom view

          1. Open the individual view that you want to customize.
          2. Filter the data, change sort orders, highlight, zoom in or out, or make any other modifications.
          3. Click Original View or the name of the currently selected custom view as it is shown in the toolbar. Enter a name for the custom view. Select whether you want it to be the default view, or if it should be public, and then click Save.