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    Last 8 week days

    venky v



      Can anyone help me with calculation to find last 8 weekday? for example (last 8 monday's).


      Thank you.

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          Joe Oppelt

          I would make a calc that looks something like this:


          IF [Date] >= DATEADD('day', -56, [date you want to start from])


          DATENAME('day',[Date]) = "Monday"

          then 1 else 0 END


          Put that on your filter shelf and select for value = 1.


          DATEADD adds (or in this case subtracts) x-many units (in this case, days) from the target date.  So going back 56 days gets a span of 7 weeks.


          DATENAME returns the text value of the date part you specified.  So only get those days that are Monday.


          Syntax might need tweaking.   I just typed that off the top of my head.

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            Deepak Rai


            You can use a similar approach . I am attaching superstore sample workbook which I just used to help someone to find latest date. Instead of latest you can use your date only after selecting 8 week data through filter.

            • I used FIXED LOD
            • {FIXED [Customer Name]:Datename('weekday',([Order Date (copy)]))}


            I was using this in attached workbook.

            {FIXED [Customer Name]:Datename('weekday',MAX([Order Date (copy)]))}

            Hope it Helps!!!



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              venky v

              Hi Joe,


              I tried your formula but it shows zero for each row. below is the calculation I used.


              IF [CAL_DT] >= DATEADD('day', -56, TODAY())


              DATENAME('day',[CAL_DT]) = "Monday"

              then 1 else 0 END

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                venky v

                Hi Deepak,


                It gives me latest weekday for each row but I want data to be displayed only for last weekdays. Hope Iam clear.

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                  Joe Oppelt

                  That should work.  So there is something more going on in there, and I would need a packaged workbook and your tableau version to look at it further.

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                    Deepak Rai


                    you need to just use my LOD for finding name of Day in your last 8 Weeks data. Then also bring that LOD to filter and select only Monday. It will work. Just use this calculation over your 8 Week Dates data.

                    {FIXED :Datename('weekday',([Order Date (copy)]))}



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                      venky v



                      It did work. I replaced 'day' with 'weekday' in DATENAME('day', [date])='monday'.

                      Thanks for the help.