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    Selected filter Values in Header selection

    chakradhar kakani

      Hello Tableau Users,


      I have a report where i have like 8 filters and so many values in the report.. When I put the field in header section and select the filter values .. i see only the first 3 or 4 displaying and rest others displayed as 4 more or 5 more , so on.... is there any work around where can display all the filter values selected in the quick filter..Appreciate the help.



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          Sherzodbek Ibragimov

          can you post a snapshot of the issue as the header and how you build it by editing it?

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            chakradhar kakani

            Sherzodbek Ibragimov I have attached a screenshot. can you please take a look at it.

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              Sherzodbek Ibragimov

              I see what you are trying now. I don't think you should be able to show more than 3 values for each field on Title.

              Norbert Maijoor and Simon Runc, what do you think about this? Can this limitation be lifted? Thank you

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                Simon Runc

                ...thanks for the ping Sherzodbek


                hi Chakradhar,


                So we can get around this, but it is a little involved (and a big thank you to Jonathan Drummey...I've pretty much taken a solution to this he posted a while back, and extended it to a more complicated use-case).


                So first the (relatively) simple one, where the dimension in the filter is in the Viz


                In the attached I've done this



                So first I created a field called

                [SubCat Title Feeder]

                IF FIRST()==0 THEN


                ELSEIF MIN([Sub-Category]) != LOOKUP(MIN([Sub-Category]),-1) THEN

                    PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + ", " + MIN([Sub-Category])





                So, in short, if it's the first one start the string, else add the next one with a "," between and keep adding to this string...kinda doing this



                Then we create a calc off this....

                [SubCat Title]

                PREVIOUS_VALUE(LOOKUP([SubCat Title Feeder],LAST()))


                In short...grab the last one (which, as you can see above, is the one with everything in)


                The compute using is set (for both) to all the dimensions in the Viz


                Now if we don't have the Dimension in the Viz, we need to get a bit funky!...We actually have to have the dimension in the Viz, so we need to use a table calculation to return the result as the level we want....like this


                So the title is still the same, but we need to change the SUM([Sales]) to




                and we set the compute using to SubCategory...this gives us this



                So the right result, but repeated for each subCat...so we add a FIRST() to the window_sum


                IF FIRST() = 0 THEN




                ...so it only returns the first value (all others are NULL and so don't get plotted)


                Hope that makes (some) sense!...but let me know if not.

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                  chakradhar kakani

                  Simon Runc Thanks for the Reply Simon. Appreciate it..I have already tried this Method, the problem is the filter is not a part of my viz ..for example this was my  calculated fields


                  1.[Ad id filter feeder] =


                  IF FIRST()==0 THEN


                  ELSEIF MIN([ADID1]) != LOOKUP(MIN([ADID1]),-1) THEN

                      PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + ", " + MIN([ADID1])





                  2. Filtered Values


                  PREVIOUS_VALUE(LOOKUP([Ad id filter feeder],LAST()))


                  So when i do this im get only the first 3 values of the row partition of the Dimension in Viz (screenshot below)


                  So in the above screenshot you can see i see three AD ID for Dimension but in fact if i add in the ADID field in the viz then you can see behind the data there are 6 AD ID for the dimension, because as per calculated field its getting only the first value for that row dropping the others and if you remove the ADID from the viz its rollsup and gets you only three values




                  is there workaround to show all the values of the filters without involving the field in the viz.. because DImension1 is the parameter field for me and i can the change the view of the dashboard. appreciate the help.



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                    Simon Runc

                    So to do it this way you will need the filter dimension in the viz. I showed how you can do this in my second example (where the VizLoD is finer than the DisplayLoD)...but does require re-building the formulas, and you'll need one per dimension.


                    A really simple solution would be to build up the "what's filtered" as a different sheet (getting the same filtering as the main Viz) and pop it on a dashboard (formatted to look like a title). As a sheet, you'd also get a tooltip, so could add some extra info!

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