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    Dynamic Clusters in Dashboard

    Liat Ferman



      I would love to hear your opinions and ideas regarding the following case.

      I want to create a dashboard that includes a clustered graph, and two more sheets that will help the user to understand the boundaries and list of items in each cluster. It is easy to do with the Tableau 10 , by clustering the chart and than use the cluster as a dimension.

      My problem is - I want to use also a filter in the dashboard. For example, if in this case: Uncover patterns in your data with Tableau 10’s clustering feature | Tableau Software  the user would filter the data to only USA, clusters would have been different that they are when the data is worldwide. 

      I love the fact that the clusters are dynamic, it makes more sense to me and helps me get more from my data, but I want the user to decide what data to explore with the clusters, and I'm stuck with the two other sheets since the dimension is not dynamic also.


      Any ideas ?

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          Hey Liat,


          This is a solid question which I'm sure would elicit some discussion if it were a bit more specific. Sharing a packaged workbook, tableau public link, screenshots, etc. could ground this discussion to be about a specific viz and could help give other users some more context.





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            Liat Ferman

            Thanks Diego medrano! You are right!

            See this VIZ using superstore data source.

            First I have created a scatter plot of sales and profit. Than I used clusters to understand my different data groups. In one chart, I keep the clusters dragged from the Analytics tab in Tableau. In the second chart, I have created a dimension from these clusters.

            My goal is not the charts themselves but the additional data I can learn about my clusters' attributes. Let's say I want to know for every cluster what are it's boundaries.

            Also, let's say that I want to learn about these different clusters by segment. So I added the segment as a filter. Now, on the dashboard you can see the difference between the static and dynamic clusters when I use filter: try to select "home office" and see that dynamic clusters chart is creating the clusters again, by the chosen segment - which is great and better for the Home office dept. analysis, but than we can't use the table.


            I'm trying to find a solution for doing both dynamic clusters and learning about their different attributes like I did in the table.


            Any ideas?

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              Steven Davic

              Hi Liat:


              something that you could try would be to use a LOD expressions in your clustering parameters to fix them to the global variables.  I am not entirely sure if this will work though, because clusters are a table calculation and will by nature change when the values shown in the table are changed.


              -Steven Davic