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    Email Alerts/Subscriptions not working 10.1

    Samuel fregly

      A couple of weeks ago our tableau server stopped sending email alerts. We have it turned on to send alerts for disk space monitoring and alerts for whenever the server is turned off, on, and for failover events. I have manually gone into the config files to make sure all the settings are correct and they are. I have turned email alerts off and then back on with no success. Everything about the server configuration is telling me that email alerts should be working. I have already checked the obvious potential problem that it is sending the alerts to the wrong email. Nothing in the Tableau Server Configuration suggests that anything is wrong besides the fact that email alerts are not working.  Everything in the documentation that I can find says I should be able to fix the problem within the Tableau Server Configuration menu. Suggestions?

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          Jeff Strauss

          is it possible that the alerts are going to a different email folder than you expect?  In my case, the alerts go to a clutter folder within outlook 365.

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            Nathan Panuco

            Do you know that the server has stopped sending the alerts or are you not receiving them? Do you see any issues in Config (like reverting to old settings) or does everything look fine when you check? Have you checked the Tableau Server logs to verify? You'll need to set the clustercontroller to DEBUG to see detail on the emails being sent out (including any potential error messages). You should see things like "com.tableausoftware.cluster.notification.QueuedEmailNotifier" at the start of the process.


            To Set the Cluster Controller Process to DEBUG, please follow the below steps:

            1. Stop the Tableau Server - https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/tabadmin_cmd.htm#stop
            2. In a command prompt on the Tableau Server, run the command "Tabadmin set clustercontroller.log.level debug" (no quotes) and press enter
            3. Start the Tableau Server after the confirmation message
            4. Optional - Stop the Tableau Server, Change logging levels back to WARN, Start the Tableau Server


            Logs are a bit difficult to read so if you get stuck, it might be best to open a support case.


            Hope this helps!