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    Clicking on a header takes me to another worksheet?

    Thomas Gray

      I've found some strange behavior...has anyone experienced this?


      I've created a new worksheet and drug a dimension to the row shelf.  It's a dimension that hasn't been used on any other worksheet.


      The row headers appear, as they should.


      Then I find that either right- or left- clicking on a row header takes me to another worksheet.  The worksheet I'm taken to is the same every time, regardless which header I click.  After a few iterations of this it stops and I'm able to interact with the headers, for instance by choosing to exclude a particular category in the dimension.


      I've tried removing all of the filters and actions from the newly created worksheet.  No change in behavior.


      Sorry I can't include a packaged workbook - I don't have Tableau on a system that would let me share it here.