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    Last non-empty

    Dovi Lilling

      Hey people.

      So, the other day, a customer of mine asked me to create a last non-empty report using Tableau.

      They have HR data which has, for each employee and month, the remaining days off for that employee and month.

      The issue is that the only thing that interests them is the last remaining days registered in the system (even if the employee is not working there anymore).

      So, attached is an example of LOD which achieves this.

      Will love to hear comments.

      Thank you!

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          I've moved this post to Forums, where you could find more help.


          Viz Talk  is a place for,

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          I sincerely apologize for my mistake!


          I realized that this is not a post for help, so I moved it back to Viz Talk.



          To share my comments,

          I'm impressed by your careful if statements in the calculation, such as "IFNULL" and "ELSE NULL".

          Though there's no null values in your test date, thoughtful calculation does help in production data.






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            Dovi Lilling

            A link to this viz in my Tableau Public profile: