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    How to sort 3 measures hierarchically?

    Kristin Fitzpatrick

      I'm visualizing clinical trials data and want to sort universities doing the trials by 3 measures (tbwx attached, Tableau 9.3):

      1. Enrolled/Randomized
      2. Completed Screening Visits
      3. Eligible to Screen

      I can sort by Enrolled/Randomized with no problem (tab "Sorted by Enrolled" in the attached).


      But - I then want to sort the remaining universities by:

          2. Completed Screening Visits


      And if they have only eligible participants, I want to sort those remaining universities by:

          3. Eligible to Screen


      I've looked into Index() and using a parameter, but I haven't quite found a way to make this work.

      I want it to look like the "Sorted Manually" tab.

      Any pointers much appreciated!