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    Scheduling Datasource vs workbook

    Sunil Tikar



      I have a generic question on scheduling datasource vs workbook .As far as I know we can schedule

      1. Datasource

      2. workbook

      to refresh underlying data . Now my questions are


      1. If A workbook having 1 extract lets call it  A ,1live connection call it B ,1 published tableau live connection call it C and 1 published extract connection call it D ,in total 4 datasources now If I schedule to refresh this workbook  via a schedule at lets say 7 AM. then what will happen when clock reach to 7 AM next day



      a.  Data extract A will get refresh at 7 AM and 

      b.  Nothing will happen to B as its a live connection and

      c.  Nothing will happen to published live datasource connection C as its live and

      d.  Tableau server will connect to origional database/file and refresh that D extract globally ( I mean wherever its in use ,update rows will be shown)


      Is above correct ?


      2. what are the cases which explains when to use datasource refresh vs workbook refresh .


      3. If a workbook created over extract based datasource then is there any difference if we schedule data source refresh vs workbook refresh .


      4.Is there any basic concept  I am missing here ?