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    Data Blending When One DS Shows Full Month

    Matthew Hefferon

      Hey guys!


      I put together a simple workbook with dummy data to show what is happening and hopefully it will help with any troubleshooting. I'm using Tableau Desktop 10.1.4


      If you look at the dashboard below I have a sheet named Sales which connects to a Sales data source and contains sales so far this month. I also have a sheet named budget which connects to a Budget data source and contains the sales budget for the full month. If you look at the sheet named blended you can see Sales and Budget together:




      The issue I'm having is I see the full months budget instead of just getting the budget through the 15th. In previous reports I used Sales as the Primary DS and Budget as my Secondary DS. This worked until one day a specific region did not have sales and since it had no sales the blend removed that regions budget for the day throwing off that months budget number. We decided that we want budget to be the Primary DS because we have a budget for each day so nothing will be dropped when blending.


      My question is on the sheet named Blended. How would I only show the budget through the 15th (The Sales DS Max Date) instead of getting the sum of the full month?


      Attached is the sample workbook. Any feedback is much appreciated!