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    How to convert column headers into time periods, but at the same time have the column values remain as they are (decimal numbers)?

    T M

      Hi everyone


      I have a question about headers, measures, and analysis. In order to do analytics in Tableau, I need to have to have a time dimension to my data. In my specific example (screenshot) I have a balance sheet with company names, account names, and account values per period. The layout and everything else is exactly what I was trying to accomplish up to this point. Next thing I wanted to do was to create a dashboard with charts and other visualizations on how selected companies/accounts were performing over a period of time.


      So, how do I get my columns to keep their values, while the same time having that same column headers converted into a time dimension or a measure? For example, the column named 2013 contains accounts for 2013 which are decimal numbers. How could I get Tableau to recognize that the column header is a time period?


      I'm using MacOS 10.12.2 with Tableau 10.1.3. Unfortunately, I can't share a packaged workbook due to my company's data policy.