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    Software licensing & recognition for Tableau Desktop

    Ritesh Dhingra

      Hello All,


      I work as Software licensing expert and my responsibility includes to ensure we are compliant to licensing terms for any software. I have 2 questions in my mind which unclear after going through various documentation.


      1. Tableau Desktop Professional is licensed on per user. When we say per user does it mean actual a user or installation on system or device.


      2. If the answer to above question Per User ... then does it mean I can install unlimited number of copies of Tableau Desktop Pro.  If yes then how the compliance will be managed ..is it through server.


      3. If the answer to point 1 is installation on system.... Then could you please help me ..to know how I can identify or differentiate between a trial copy installed on machine and registered copy on the machine...this information is required with respect to the recognition required to be done by various inventory/discovery management tools.