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    Logic Exception: Internal Error

    Expee Gee

      I have a Tableau Public visualization in a story format that has been working fine until recently. I hadn't made any changes to the viz, but noticed that the online version began throwing off the following error when changing the filter on one of the visualizations: "LogicException: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed." I am using Tableau Desktop version 10.1.1. I do not get the error when I change the filter value in the desktop software. I tried deleting the online viz and re-publishing, but the error still occurs.


      I've seen two similar posts in the Forums. One suggested that the issue is null values; the other suggested that the issue has to do with changing the default data type. Neither of those seems relevant to my problem, nor do they explain why the viz worked fine for weeks, then suddenly stopped working.


      The viz is here: Tableau Public . It's the third page in the story ("County Map: Change in Taxable Values from FY08") that has the issue when you advance the filter on "Fiscal Year". I've also attached the workbook. Any help would be much appreciated!