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    Customer within/outside range of a dealership

    Matthijs Blenkers

      Hi all,


      Here's a fun question. It's been bugging me for days now and I can't figure it out.



      We have dealerships in different network/chains the Netherlands. Our goal is to have a dealership within say 50km of any customer. Our account manager wants to check:

      - How many customers are within the 50KM range

      - How many customers are outside the 50KM radius


      We want to plot all of our customers and dealerships on a map. When the account manager selects a dealership chain (filter or legend) al the customers within 50km reach a dealership should be identifiable (say a different colour). As a consequence, all the customers outside are also identifiable. We also want to show 'the numbers' --> 5000 customers within service area, 1000 outside service area.


      This viz will help the accountmanager to see the degree of coverage of each dealership chain separately or all the chains together AND spot area's where a new dealer is needed.


      What do I have so far

      I have a solution with a dual axis map. A filled map with the customers per county and a polygon with the gps locations of all the dealerships. The polygon draws a 50km circle around a dealership.

      Although it's a nice viz, it isn't quite what I want.

      a) When filtering on the dealership chain all my county's without a dealership are filtered out (duh!).

      b) I can't count how many customers are in and out of range


      I hope you understand I can't share my data. Perhaps the superstore datasource with mock gps for the customers?