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    import_webdataconnector deprecated




      I have created an HTML file with JavaScript APIs and I wanted to use it in Tableau Server workbook. I was exploring to use import webdataconenctor command for publishing my html files that are local and not on a website / web server.  I got a message saying this command will be deprecated and use whitelist instead. But with my limited understanding, I thought that whitelist is only for webserver / website based links or html pages. Does anyone have idea about what is the solution to this in long term?


      Regards, Venkatesh

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          Ben Lower

          Hi Vankatesh, Have you seen this doc: Web Data Connectors in Tableau Server ? It outlines the differences between the Safe Method (aka whitelisting) and the import method.


          We added the Safe Method because it gives you more flexibility to change the Web Data Connector's logic without having to import again and restart your server.



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            Hi Ben, thanks for getting back. Sincere apologies, I was waiting for a response few days and thought this won't be responded and hence didn't login  


            I did look at this link before posting. I do understand but all we need is to publish independent HTML files and not hosted web pages. I tried using whitelist method and it failed all the time where import method worked flawlessly.


            If I can use whitelist method, is there any example that you can share with local files?


            Regards, Venkatesh