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    Conditional Formatting based on string value

    steph c

      Hi all,


      I was wondering if there is a way to format my crosstab conditionally based on string value and not measure value


      Example, I have rows right now "First Name," "Last Name," and "Program Completion."


      Is there a way i can individually format with colour on the columns First Name and Last name based on the condition of "program completion" (ex. green = complete, white = in progress)


      ps. in the example screenshot attached, there is automatic grouping of first name; is there a quick way to have it ungrouped when exported to excel?


      Thank you!

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello steph c,


          There are several examples of Conditional formatting in the community so you can search for more examples using "conditional formatting"  but attached is a sample view showing one solution.


          Jonathan Drummey's article on this subject has always been my go-to reference - Conditional Formatting | Drawing with Numbers  .  You can find a very detailed explanation here and a sample workbook to download.


          I hope that helps.





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            steph c

            Thank you for the response Patrick,


            I have assessed that article but it does not apply to what I am looking for unfortunately. I am looking for conditional formatting on specific string values (ex. on excel, you can conditionally format a whole row or column based on another value in a specific column). The article focuses more on the conditional formatting with numbers and measure values. I have read a few articles indicating that it is one of the limitations of tableau that it does not allow conditional format on string values.


            Please correct me if that does not sound accurate, as I have looked for multiple solutions for this problem and still searching.


            Thank you so much!