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    Tableau 9.1 won't display/export only the records reflected in a cell.

    Brian Sharkey

      I built a simple worksheet based on 32M records from my datasource, and blended with two other flat files to provide lookups that don't exist in my source database.


      I have two sheets (since combined in one dashboard), one which summarizes Sent mail and the other which summarized Received mail. 


      Either one I can click on a cell and View Data, where the cell itself and the Summary tab show the correct number of records for this date + category, in this case 6.

      But when I click Underlying, it gives me ALL the data, stopping at displaying the default of 75.   There is one join between the master Event Data table and Email Result table.  The reason for joining these is somewhat trivial, but it's mainly to get two additional columns not available in the Event table. 


      Tableau is easily able to calculate and display the right result in the sheet / Dashboard.

      I've never seen this issue before in any of my other workbooks.


      Does anyone know why it is doing this or have any type of solution/workaround?