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    Calculate Weekends Between Vacant Days

    Jagjit Singh



      I have the attached the workbook and trying to calculate weekends between the void start date and actual let date. The void\vacant days are calculated month by month so in certain case we will have to use month start date instead of void start dates.


      I managed to get most of the weekends days correct by in certain cases when the property is vacant between months, i'm getting incorrect weekend days.


      In the example below the weekends in between days in the  3rd row for prop 3743 is incorrect. The calculation should actual check for weekends from 01/10/2016 to 04/2012016


      Row 2 - Since void started on the 24th and 24th and 25th is the weekend before the month end, weekends in between is 2 days. this is correct.

      Row 3 - There was one weekend ( 1st and 2nd oct 2016 ) between 01/10/2016 to 04/2012016. The calculation below shows 4 as its counting the weekends from the previous month when the void started. We only need to consider the weekends within the void start date and actual let date month by month.


      Any confusion please feel free to ask.






      Seems like a small tweak and appreciate the help.