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    Slow connection to MS Sql Server Cluster

    Vladimir Taubes

      Tableau 9.3 Desktop and Server.




      We use Tableau dashboard with Microsoft Sql Server Cluster (high availability).

      The connection to the cluster takes around 21 second!

      In other programs we use the property MultiSubnetFailover=true and it fixes the issue; however, tableau doesn't seem to accept it.


      I tried to put the property into .tdc file, directly into the workbook and it didn't work.


      I also tried:

                <customization name='SQL_COPT_SS_MULTISUBNET_FAILOVER' value='SQL_IS_ON'/>

                <customization name='MultiSubnetFailover' value='Yes' />

                <customization name='MultiSubnetFailover' value='true />

                <customization name='odbc-connect-string-extras' value='MultiSubnetFailover=Yes' />

      with both native and odbc driver.

      Tableau Desktop doesn't want to save the property for ODBC driver: I tried adding it but tableau saved the workbook without the property.


      Any help would be appreciated, I spent countless of hours looking for a fix.



      Thank you,