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    Multiples filters applied cause blank sheets

    Daniel Alvarez Vera



      I am using Tableau JS API for generating custom filters, everything about that it is ok.
      One day, while testing my custom filter buttons I applied a filter (YEAR for example) and this action caused my dashboard to be blank.

      Clearing browser cache and restarting Tableau Server fixed my problem, but it is a "temporary solution", it is still happening


      This is the relevant code I use to apply filters for my sheets

      function applyFilters(_filterName, _value, _filterType) {
          var _sheetsToFilter = workbook.getActiveSheet().getWorksheets();
          var promiseArray = [];
          _sheetsToFilter.map(function (i, idx) {
              new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
                _sheetsToFilter[idx].applyFilterAsync(_filterName, _value, _filterType).then(function (response){
                  resolve("sheet '" + i.getName() + "' applyFilterAsync " + response);
                }, function (error){
                  reejct("sheet '" + i.getName() + "' applyFilterAsync " + response);
          Promise.all(promiseArray).then(function (result){
          }, function (error){

      I already test with some variations of my code.


      When applying filters to multiples sheets in my dashboard there are times when "something" fails causing my dashboard to be blank.