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    Blending Data and Tracking Changes

    Chris Soriano

      Hello! I need to compare last month's and this month's data. Specifically, i just want to get a count of all records whose stage changed. I am blending two data sources: This Month's Opportunities and Last Month's Opportunities. I've created the following two formula's in "This Month's Opportunities" data source:


      Stage Changed

      If Percent Complete is NULL in Last Month's Opportunities, return .1

      else return Percent Complete (this month) - Percent Complete (last month)

      Stage Changed Indicator

      If Stage Changed = .1, return 'New'

      Else if Stage Changed = 0, return 'No'

      Else  return 'Yes"


      I would like to summarize this finding by creating a bar chart similar to:


      (picture was rendered using Excel)


      However, I can't get Tableau to give me a summary by the Stage Change Indicator field without providing additional information such as the old and new stage. Anyone have any idea what I can do to get the chart above instead?