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    Cascading Filters - Only Relevant Values Not showing Up In Tableau 10


      Hi all,


      I have Tableau 10+ and I'm trying to create a cascading filter in several sheets in order to reduce the filter clutter in a dashboard. Currently I have a Hierarchy at the position level of Manager>Coach>Agent. The dashboard will only use coach and agent, so the goal is that when a individual coach is selected in the quick filter, that only the agents belonging to that coach are shown in the agent filter.


      I've read into some other posts and looked at some YouTube clips, but they all refer to selecting the "Only relevant values" options when editing a filter. However, I do not have this option visible after trying to edit my filters (see below) and these are the only two filters that I am using.


      Let me know if you need any additional info....


      Thanks in advance for any help provided!