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    Condition by Filter - Group Dimensions for only 1 of the Filtered Options

    Thalita Kadlec

      Hi all!

      I need to create a condition to a filter and I am not sure how to do it.


      This is the scenario: I have a database of employee's training metrics.

      Employees are divided by Organizations, and also by Location (city).

      The way I need this to work is filtering only 1 organization at a time, and then display the number of training hours per location and category inside this organization.

      I have achieved this using bar graphs, however one of the Organizations needs a specific setting to the Locations.


      I need a way to inform Tableau that when I select this particular Organization (lets say "Org2"), the main Locations I need for this org are only 6 (Curitiba/Bangkok/Houston/Shanghai/Buenos Aires/Budapest) and all other locations need to get grouped together under a "Others" group. However, this needs to be grouped like this ONLY for this organization.


      Is there a way to do this, and how?

      I suspect it can be done with the Condition - By Formula filter, but I have no idea how to create this formula.