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    How/where can I find user Password.

    qamar zaman



      One of my colleague forgot the PW, his role was "interactor". Sure i can change the password, but I am afraid, because may be this account is used by many other people .


      How/where can I find user Password.



      Server Version:


      Many thanks


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          Sreekanth Kasaraneni

          Hi Qamar,


          There is no option to view the password of end user in tableau server.


          You can reset the password for the user in local authentication. if you are using integrated active directory authentication i.e LDAP, contact your IT team to provide a new password.


          please go through below link for password reset in local authentication.


          View, Edit, and Delete Users




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            Tharashasank Davuluru

            Hi Qamar,


            Are you using Active directory or local authentication  for creating tableau users?


            You can only use below mentioned workarounds when  user authentication is set to Local Authentication.


            Using Tableau Server's web portal, you may only reset your own password. If you wish to reset someone else's password, you'll need to use TabAdmin


            You can only use this command if Tableau Server's user authentication is set to Local Authentication. When authentication is set to Active Directory, passwords are handled by Active Directory, not Tableau Server.

            Resets the password for a Tableau Server account. After typing the command, you are prompted to enter a new password for the user.



            tabadmin passwd <username>

            Reset the password for server user jsmith:

            tabadmin passwd jsmith

            Another way : Steps to open the password change:.

            Click some user from the user list. A New menu will be  showed up and check for 'settings'.Now  you can change other user's password.





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