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    Aggregating Results from Table Calculation

    Raymund B Prieto

      I have a table calculation that calculates the time and get the minutes interval. I call it "Next Start Time in Minutes" The table calculation has partitioning on it so the calculation restarts every "Session ID". I do have a column called "Object Type" which is the only Dimension I want to show on my Bar Chart. All the rest of the dimensions included on the calculation will not part of the visualization.   When I tried to remove these dimensions the calculation changed,  What I really wanted is to get the result of the table calculation and aggregated it by Object Type so I only have 3 bars (since I only have 3 types) and the corresponding value resulted from my table calculation.




      First Run         -  20

      Second Run    - 25

      Third Run         30


      Attached is my workbook.


      Appreciate any suggestions.