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    Dynamically Assign Value To Each Filter Item

    Jay Wee

      Afternoon All,


      I have a filter with 3 items.


      My aim is to dynamically assign a value to each of the filter item.


      For in stance,


      If i select Item 1 from the Filter list, it should give me a results of "A".


      When i select item 2 from the Filter list, it should show me "B".


      And finally, when i select item 3, it should show me "C".


      The Filter is going to be dynamic and the item constantly changing based on the a few filters above it.


      I've tested using Index() and its showing me "A" regardless of which one item choose.


      At any given time, only 1 item will be selected.


      Please advice whether is it possible.


      Thanks in advance.