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    Using Dimensions to Create Ratios

    Patrick R

      Hey guys, I am trying to create some ratios where i have almost only Dimensions with only value names. For the ratio i am trying to do the following.


      First in my dimensions: i have a dimension called "event" which has 10 sub categories, 4 are good, 5 are bad, and 1 is unrelated. I filtered out the unrelated item.


      My end goal is to get Bad/Good for each day, and plot the value on a graph and track it over time. I am just not sure what kinds of calculated fields i need to create to do this. I tried to group the items under events into "good and bad" and then make a calculated field based on those groups which didnt work.


      1) How do i get the overall count for each of my two groups of data? (which is comprised of 9 Sub categories?)

      2) How do i then take the counts of my bad items and divide them by my good items count to get the ratio i want? 


      Thanks for the help. attached example of visually where i am trying to go.


      Tableau Pain.JPG