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    Dashboard disappeared after applying Filter.

    Anil Pottem

      Hi ,


      I have seen some weird issue with tableau 10.1

      I have a text table dashboard with 16 columns in it.


      As soon as I apply a filter the Dashboard is Disappearing. Never seen such thing, any thoughts



      Steps Followed:


      1. Created a Date Parameter called Select Date,( from a Column Called, Snpsht_date)
      2. Selection is Range ( min 2/3/2017 )
      3. Created a date Calculation called Select Date
        1. Formulae ( Select date = Snpsht_date)
      4. Once created I used this Select Date calculation on the filter field and selected the Value to True.



      All of sudden my dashboard disappeared and cannot do anything after this.


      I removed the filter and it came back.


      Can someone help me with this issue?