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    Authentication Options

    Elevator Jones

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      I am trying to find authentication options for logging into Tableau Online to see Tableau views. This is the situation:


      1. User logs into a web site/web app I am currently building using normal email/password credentials specific to my site.

      2. After log in, user is able to see a list of Tableau views (I am using the REST API to query information about workbooks available to the specific user -- GET /sites/site-id/workbooks/workbook-id/views)

      3. A user clicks on one of the items in the list and is taken to a page with an embedded Tableau view.


      As far as I know, the user would be asked to authenticate to Tableau Online in order to see that embedded view. Is that correct?


      My hope is that I can show the embedded view without making the user log in to Tableau Online after already being logged into my site. Are there any other options to accomplish that?


      I have access to the user's Tableau Online username and password so that I can make API calls. I am authenticating at the REST API's /api/2.4/auth/signin endpoint. Can I somehow use the auth token I get from that call to avoid needing to log in through the UI?


      Thanks in advance for your time and help.