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    How do I reorder dashboard worksheets downloaded as PDFs from Server?

    Ryan Eavey



      I'm currently using the Download PDF option on Tableau Server 10.0.  This allows me to print all or some of the sheets on my dashboard to PDF.  While it's great that I can pick which sheets to include in the PDF, I don't see any options that allow me specify the order that the sheets are printed.  The sheets are always printed in alphabetical sheet name order.


      Does anyone know of a way that I change the order sheets are printed in the PDF when downloaded from Tableau Server?  I'm looking for a method that does not require me to rename the sheets to manage the order they are printed.


      For example, in the attached screenshot the sheets would be printed in this order:

      1. View Count D

      2. View Count O

      3. View Count P


      But I would like to reorder them to print in this order:

      1. View Count P

      2. View Count D

      3. View Count O



      Thank you in advance for your comments!