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    Join two variables (sheet 1) to a single variable (sheet 2)

    Ivar Arnarsson



      My dilemma is that i want to join department names to sales-data,and the departments have new & old names, which are "equal" and should be joined as the same value to the sales figures.
      So a department might have made two sales, but in the system the sales are logged under the "old department name" and then the "new department name".


      I've tried to join the data by doing: sale = old department name, sale = new department name. Did not work.

      I've tried to create a calculated field, but that just joints the old and the new names into the same field. Then i can't match the name to the sales figures.


      I've attached the two documents.


      Using Tableau 10.1.


      I've been stranded on this for weeks and can't figure it out. Please help me out.


      Regards, Ívar