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    show first 12 months of sale for all customers categorised by signup month

    Ulrik Larsen

      Hi and thank you up front

      Ok my tableau skills are far from perfect so I need a little help.


      If a customer signups in my web shop JAN 2015 the he is a Jan 2015 customer forever.

      All the sales for his account will always go into the Jan 2015 field giving me the total of sales for customers that signed up in that period of time and up until today.

      Therefore, the list I am having is showing the sales total for customers that signed up in the months listed and all the way up until TODAY()

      To be 100% clear if a customer that signed up in Jan2015 buys something today the sales will go on top of the numbers shown as January 2015.

      Now all this works just fine now as my table has a date showing when the customer signed up.


      I would like to have 2 columns. 

      1 showing the total (this I have now) but also 1 Colum showing the first 12 months of sales.


      Basically this would mean show all orders from the Signup month and 11 more months, then stop adding additional sales to the field. I would still need my total row to keep running adding as time goes by but I need the one row to only show sales the fisrt 12 months.  (singup month and 11 more)


      I made the columns but can’t figure out how to get it showing what I need.