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    Question to advanced alerting


      It´s me again


      I was able to test successfully the steps from the tutorial. Thanks a lot for all the help btw.


      I have uploaded the VizAlerts to my Server and when I combine the vizalerts Datasource with one of my own created sheets it is working as expected. I am getting a mail with the subject and so on.


      Now I try to combine this with the excel file like you did in the tutorial and there I have some issues with. I simply do not get a scheduled email with the subject and body. I do not get any mail. When I add a comment to the workbook and run the phyton script by hand I am getting a mail witht the tite

      Alert Triggered for.


      Yes I manipulated the excel file and made a blend with my Datasource and provided the correct information in the excel file.


      Any Idea?

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