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    What is Tabjolt in Tableau?

    gopi duppati

      Can anyone explain tabjolt in tableau

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          Tharashasank Davuluru

          Hi Gopi,


          Tabjolt is used for scalability testing of Tableau Server. You can find a lot of information in this blog:Introducing TabJolt: A point-and-run load and performance testing solution for Tableau Server | Tableau Software


          TabJolt is a “Point and Run” load and performance testing tool specifically designed for Tableau Server 9.0 and later. It helps you (Tableau Server Administrators) understand how Tableau Server scales with your workloads, in your environment, to inform your scalability and capacity needs. TabJolt eliminates the need for script development and script maintanance, which is often required with other load testing solutions. You can simply point TabJolt to your published views on the Tableau Server, and it will automatically drive user specified loads for any duration.


          When to use TabJolt?

          You can use TabJolt for many scenarios, however, here are the key questions it can help you answer.

          1. I want to deploy a brand new Tableau Server. How will the new server scale in my environment, on my hardware and my workload?
          2. I am moving from Tableau Server 8.x to version 9.0. Given my hardware, workbook and environment, how will 9.0 scale in my environment?
          3. I want to find the best server deployment configuration. Given my hardware, workbooks and environments, how can I find the configuration that works best for our deployment?
          4. In IT, it takes me 6-8 weeks to complete the required load test cycle for production go-live (deployment) of Tableau Server. How can I reduce the time it takes to complete the production go-live testing?

          How do I analyze results from TabJolt?

          With TabJolt, you will get an out of the box Tableau Analysis Workbook with pre-built analytics dashboards that show you key performance, system and JMX metrics (if configured). As a user of TabJolt, we expect that you understand how to visually correlate performance and other metrics to inform your outcomes via analysis.

          You can view a video on how to analyze TabJolt results here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrc8iLr1apw