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    Filter by Values for an Initial Date?

    Jessie Yen

      Hi everyone!


      I ran a survey for 6 months and collected information on users across the 6 months. Many users took this survey more than once over 6 months (June-January), so I exported people with "duplicate" IDs (people who took the survey more than once) and loaded that into Tableau. Now, what I am trying to do is measure how the people who took the survey more than once rated the shop over time. What my graph looks like now is:


      The X axis is the months (duration of survey).

      The Y axis is the survey ranking.

      And there are a bunch of lines (like a couple hundred) that indicate each customer's journey.


      Now what I'm trying to do is segment the users into groups so I can see how different subsets' journeys have transformed. Since my survey is out of 10, I wanted to divide the users into three groups: people who rated the shop 0-3 within the first month the survey launched or the first time they interacted with the shop (June), and same for people who rated the shop 4-7 and finally 8-10. This way I can look at how rankings changed among people who took the survey more than once over time.


      I was wondering what would be the best way to go about doing this?


      So sorry - I know this is a bit hard to comprehend, but I can't upload the worksheet online due to privacy issues with my workplace. Would really appreciate any help on this though. Thank you so much!