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    Using date (only count of days) intervals in Tableau - visualization on the axis

    Sylvia J. van Woerkom



      I am working on a data set with day intervals. So for example day 260-320. Or 182-242.  This is the count of the days.

      Which means the days the mice had a specific treatment. So from day 260 to 320 they had treatment X. And that treatment is a measure (radiation).

      So just # days , no specific months, years, hours or anything. But it would be great to plot it on the axis with the day ranges.


      What is the best option for visualizing these date intervals (ranges)? Is there a way to convert this to a date range or something?

      I was thinking of creating a split with a start day and end day. But how to make sure Tableau sees this as actual days? So you would get start day 260 and end day 320.


      I have tried everything but I think the solution must be very simple.


      Thank you in advance for your suggestions!






      I have added the workbook with data. Message was edited by: Sylvia J. van Woerkom